Taking the Theme of Resilience into 2020

Western Sydney Recovery College would like to convey a special thank you to those who were able to make it to our end of year event in December 2019. We had the pleasure of hearing Erin McKinnon from GWS Giants speak to us about resilience and mental illness. It was a privilege to have her share her experiences and stories with us about resiliance, which has been a resounding theme from our students in 2019.

Pathway to Lifelong Learning

Learning is an important aspect for mental health recovery, whether it be learning new things, skills for everyday life, work and relationships, or useful and up to date information that can be helpful in a crisis. Education is a crucial aspect of breaking down barriers and stigma within communities.

Recovery colleges around the world put the emphasis on education as part of the recovery journey. We also know that education in one area often leads to a keener interest in learning in other areas of our lives. We see our role in making a pathway to lifelong learning.

We have arranged the Skills for Life pathway into a purposeful sequence so that students can get the most out of this learning pathway.

Skills for Life – Join the Stream

After an unexpected amount of interest in the advocacy workshops in Term 4 2019 and strong ongoing attendance at workshops like Building Self-Confidence, we have reinvigorated the streams concept for Term 1.

The Skills for Life stream is intended to help build on skills that will be useful in everyday life and in times of stress. The stream looks at self-confidence, communication skills, assertiveness and then moves on to building self-advocacy and advocacy in the community.

Students will be encouraged to enrol for the stream but can also attend individual workshops.