Happy New Year!

Happy new year! 2024 is upon us. Many have made new year’s resolutions, if you are one of those, we talked through some ideas for how to make this succeed for you in the end of year newsletter. The key is to plan!
I have made my intention and focus for this year, rather than a resolution. I am going to make joy intentionally. I often forget to enjoy the moment and be present, always planning the next “thing”. Research continues to show the importance of being present, mindful, and remembering to enjoy life right now, not “when I reach my career goal” or “when I lose that 15 kilos.” In that intention I thought about what is important for me to consider. For example, if I am someone who has a period in hospital, or have had previously, I can play for this so that it is not as difficult as it could be, so that my wishes are clear.
You might do our “Navigating the Mental Health System” workshop to help you ensure your rights and needs are met. Or perhaps you want to better understand family and domestic violence, so you can feel more equipped to support a friend experiencing violence, then you could book into our 2-day “Domestic Violence and Mental Health” course coming up this term. Maybe you have trauma and/or grief that can sometimes impact your mental wellbeing, then consider enrolling in “Grief and Loss.”
We know that planning ahead can make for an easier process and having knowledge of how to best navigate life’s difficulties, make life decisions clearer, give us more confidence and allow us to, in my case, find the joy. Knowledge is power, and I encourage each of us to consider ourselves and giving the best of this for our year. Go to our website or give us a call if you’d like to enrol in one of our amazing courses.
– Jayke Burgess, Manager,
Western Sydney Recovery College