A note about participating in online workshops

When you attend a recovery college workshop online, please make sure you’re present and able to actively participate.

In the FAQs, WSRC ask that students attending an online workshop make sure their space is free from distractions, a safe space and private. This includes work situations. Please do not enrol in a workshop if you are trying to fit it in around work or other appointments.

When you enrol in a workshop as a student, WSRC asks you to read and agree to Student Rights and Responsibilities. Among other things, WSRC has responsibilities to be inclusive and respectful of students, and WSRC students have responsibilities to participate (where comfortable to do so) and to be respectful of other students.

Workshops also involve confidential material, as students share personal stories and experiences. This is why we never record them on Zoom. This is also why we ask that any students who are attending from the same location enrol separately.

When you enrol in a workshop, do so with the intention of sharing your time and attention. This means that:

  • WSRC educators can involve you in the discussion
  • You are paying attention and able to contribute to the discussion
  • That other students can feel comfortable that their peers are listening respectfully to their experiences and stories
  • When WSRC educators ask for your contribution you are able to respond without them wondering where you are and if you are okay (on this note, a reminder to send a private chat message to educators if you do need to switch off your camera or leave the meeting briefly for any reason)

WSRC workshops are workshops, not webinars, so the expectation is that you are present and able to listen and contribute to the discussion. Make the time you spend with WSRC matter so that you can get the most out of the workshop and so WSRC educators and students can get the most out of your contribution too.


If you would like to know more about what is expected when you join a workshop online or in person, please read the FAQs and Student Rights and Responsibilities, including the section about online workshops. You might also like to read our Note about why having your video camera on matters.