Student Rights and Responsibilities


The mission of the Western Sydney Recovery College is to educate and inspire the broader community about mental health, to facilitate recovery, and to empower students to learn and grow in a safe and respectful environment.

This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of any student who gets involved in the Western Sydney Recovery College, what you can expect when you come to a workshop, and what we ask of you in return.


Your rights as a Student of the Western Sydney Recovery College:

  • You will be respected by the recovery college staff and valued for your diversity, your input, your experience, and your hard work
  • You will be treated as a person – not as a “client” or “patient” or “worker” but as a unique individual that has something excellent to bring to the table
  • Your opinion matters and will be heard and respected by the staff and other students
  • Our doors are open to everyone who wants to get involved and learn from each other in a safe environment
  • Your life experiences, including any mental health concerns that you have experienced in the past or present, will underpin the learning of the workshop and will be valued by staff and fellow students
  • You can step outside of your comfort zone, but only if you wish to. We want to hear from you if there is any boundary which you do not want to cross
  • Your information and story will remain confidential within each workshop and within the recovery college
  • You have the right to know information about services in the area, about where and how you can get help, and you understand that sharing about your past experience may assist other students to get the help they need
  • You have the right to ask questions and to be given honest answers
  • You have the right to speak up if there is anything that you feel should change or that you want to learn further about


Your Responsibilities as a Student of the Western Sydney Recovery College:

  • You will be expected to share your strengths where appropriate, and only if you are comfortable, in order to facilitate learning and growth within each workshop
  • You will be expected to provide correct enrolment information
  • You will be expected to arrive to each workshop that you have enrolled into punctually, and to notify the college staff if you are running late
  • You will be expected to advise the college as soon as possible if you are no longer able to attend a workshop
  • You will be expected to respect your fellow students and the recovery college staff
  • You will be expected to respect the housekeeping rules of each workshop venue and to ensure that workplace health and safety guidelines are adhered to
  • You will be expected to complete a pre and post evaluation form for each workshop as this provides us with valuable information about what we can improve upon and develop further
  • You will be expected to be an active participant in each workshop by sharing any past experiences or skills that you believe are relevant, if you are comfortable to do so, and by brainstorming and asking questions
  • You will be expected to respect the confidentiality of all people involved in the college


You can expect the Western Sydney Recovery College staff to:

  • Treat you with respect and dignity at all times
  • Respond to your queries, emails, and phone calls in a timely manner
  • Deliver workshops and provide support with a friendly and professional manner
  • Make every effort to provide correct information about the workshops and to notify you as soon as possible if there has been a change
  • Provide any guidance and support that you may require on areas of individual learning, growth, and development
  • Offer support with any learning or other difficulties that may make it harder to attend and learn at the college
  • Provide a safe and respectful learning environment that values diversity, life experience, sharing, and promotes recovery
  • Keep your information confidential within the recovery college and make every effort to ensure that your fellow students do the same
  • Encourage your questions, feedback, views, and ideas
  • Be committed to keeping the recovery college a fresh, innovative, and positive place in which members of Western Sydney can come to learn and grow