A note about why having your video camera on matters

When you attend a recovery college workshop online, please turn on your camera.

Communication is rarely, if ever, only coming from the words we speak and write. Most of our communication comes through body language and facial expressions.

Keeping your camera on means that:

  • WSRC educators can see that you are present and engaged
  • WSRC educators can check on your welfare in case workshop content may be causing distress
  • Other students feel more comfortable sharing personal stories because they can see your face and reactions
  • You can connect more easily with others in the workshop
  • As WSRC educator Lane has said, ‘It still feels like us being with each other.’

WSRC acknowledge that many students may be experiencing camera fatigue and the various challenges and distractions you might face in your environment while attending a workshop online. This term, more plans will be put in place to relieve this camera fatigue.

If you do not have a working camera, experience anxiety about being on camera or need support to use this on Zoom, please let the WSRC team know. We are more than happy to help wherever we can to make using Zoom easier or to ease your anxieties about the online learning format.

If you have not attended an online workshop on Zoom with WSRC yet and have questions, please read the FAQs on the website or we would be happy to help answer your questions by phone or email.