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فهم القلق
(Understanding Anxiety, Arabic)

This workshop will be delivered in Arabic, by two bilingual educators.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a common mental health condition characterised by excessive worry, fear, and nervousness about future events or situations. It often includes physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, and muscle tension. While some level of anxiety is normal, anxiety disorders involve persistent and overwhelming feelings of apprehension that interfere with daily life. These disorders can manifest in various forms, from generalised anxiety disorder to specific phobias, and can be managed with effective treatment and coping strategies.

This program builds understanding of anxiety and how it impacts on individuals, their carers and families. The program also explores recovery, self-management strategies and other techniques that provide practical assistance to those living with anxiety.

By the end of this workshop, students will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the 6 main types of anxiety disorders and how common they are
  • Define and describe the signs and symptoms of anxiety
  • Explain the Biological, Social and Psychological causes of anxiety disorders
  • Describe the common treatments for anxiety and their effectiveness and problems.
  • Use the CHIME model to look at things they could do to help the recovery process
  • Identify some of the actions and language that are helpful to people with anxiety

Join us for the “Understanding Anxiety” workshop and enhance your understanding of this complex disorder to support yourself and other individuals on their journey to better mental health and well-being.

This workshop will be offered in Arabic, delivered by two bilingual educators, during Term 2 2024.



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