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Practising Assertiveness

Do you find it challenging to assert yourself effectively in various life situations, especially when your self-confidence wavers? At times, we mistakenly associate assertiveness solely with self-confidence. However, the truth is, the moments when we need to be assertive often coincide with periods of self-doubt.

Our “Practising Resilience” workshop is designed to demystify assertiveness, teaching you what it truly entails and, more importantly, how to apply it even when confidence wanes. Through experiential learning, this course provides you with invaluable opportunities to hone your assertiveness skills, empowering you to navigate a wide range of scenarios with conviction, even during moments of self-doubt. This skill is indispensable for effective self-advocacy in both personal and professional spheres.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand  what assertiveness is and is not, dispelling common misconceptions
  • Assert themselves confidently in diverse situations, regardless of their current confidence level
  • Utilise the essential skill of self-advocacy, empowering them to assert their needs and desires effectively
  • Navigate life’s challenges with a newfound sense of empowerment and poise.

Join our “Practising Resilience” workshop and unlock your potential to assert yourself and advocate for your goals, even in moments of uncertainty.

Please Note: We hope that students who come to this workshop have already attended the Building Self-Confidence and Effective Communication Skills workshops, and so will have covered the basic concepts of assertiveness and practiced some of the skills. This workshop gives students the opportunity to reinforce, embed and practise that learning. For any students who may not have attended these previous workshops, this workshop will ensure that they have a clear understanding, with students who have attended the previous workshops available as a resource.


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