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Alcohol, Drug Use and Mental Health

Many people living with a mental health issue also have problems with alcohol and other drug (AOD) use – and many people who use alcohol and other drugs may have mental health issues.  People with a co-occurring AOD and mental health problem may have worse impairment, a more trying course of illness and are more difficult to treat than people with a singular problem. Research shows people with a dual diagnosis may also have poorer treatment outcomes.

This workshop aims to help people understand the effects of alcohol and different drugs on mental health; to explain the complex relationship between mental health and AOD use; and to talk about how we can better deal with it as people living with both mental health & AOD issues and as carers or workers.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand the profound effects of alcohol and various drugs on mental health, gaining insight into how these substances can exacerbate or trigger mental health issues.
  • Explain the intricate interplay between mental health and alcohol/drug use, recognizing the bidirectional nature of this relationship and its challenges
  • Recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals with co-occurring alcohol/drug use and mental health problems, including increased impairment, complex illness trajectories, and potential treatment difficulties
  • Develop a holistic perspective on co-occurring disorders, appreciating the holistic impact on individuals, families, and communities
  • Understand effective strategies for managing and addressing co-occurring mental health and alcohol/drug use issues, both as individuals dealing with these challenges and as caregivers or professionals.
  • Discuss ways to advocate for improved support and resources for individuals facing dual diagnosis, aiming to enhance treatment outcomes and overall well-being.

Join our “Alcohol, Drug Use and Mental Health” workshop to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between substance use and mental health.



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