Turn Up, Tune In, Switch Off – Mental Health Month 2020

Whether we are working remotely or on-site, COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Often during virtual meetings, we get distracted by day-to-day things and end up multitasking when we shouldn’t, and zoning out when we should be tuning in.

Join Western Sydney Community Forum and Western Sydney Recovery College in this online event, which will provide a safe space for community workers to switch off from distractions and tune in to their own body and mind. This event will offer a designated mental break, and share information about compassion fatigue, self-care, burnout, mindfulness, and healthy self-care habits.

This event is co-facilitated by people with professional and lived experience, offering a unique opportunity for workers in the community services industry to collectively turn up, tune in and switch off.

Event Details:
Wednesday 28 October 2020
10.30AM – 12.30PM
Cost: Free

Lane Blume, Professional Educator, Western Sydney Recovery College
Kat Schiarizza, Peer Educator, Western Sydney Recovery College

Zoom details to be released closer to the day.
RSVP by Friday 23 October 2020.

For further information or enquiries,
contact info@wscf.org.au or on (02) 9687 9669.