Self Advocacy & Celebration

All students, educators and advisory group members are invited to join us for a guest presentation and celebratory lunch on Friday 15 December.

Guest speaker Sandy Watson from inside out & associates will be talking about self advocacy.

Advocacy is about influencing or producing systemic change. In the case of mental health and community sector, advocacy results in benefit for people with mental health concerns, their families and carers, and is something that contributes to the breaking down of barriers and stigma. Learning advocacy skills fits within the recovery college model, as it can be about creating agency, self-determination and hope, while also being a worthwhile skill to learn more about.

Sandy Watson was amongst the first consumer workers to be employed by a public mental health service in Australia.  She has over 20 years of experience in a range of consumer identified roles, both within and external to mental health services.  She is a co-director of inside out & associates australia, as well as being the Consumer Education Coordinator at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry where she has delivered award winning education to consumers for more than 10 years.  Sandy has presented workshops and given talks to a wide variety of organisations. She is passionate about recovery, rights and self-advocacy.

We hope you can join us on 15 December!

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