Marking National Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week 2020

Western Sydney Recovery College acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Did you know it is National Reconciliation Week and that TODAY is National Sorry Day? Many of us have been distracted by the current pandemic across the world; we’ve had competing priorities and we’ve missed important dates. I know I have!

So, why and what meaning is there for Indigenous Australians in National Sorry Day? Rather than me tell you, we found an article from the ABC with five Mt Isa young people who share the impact and meaning for them.

National Sorry Day is a opportunity to remember and acknowledge the lives and families broken by the removal of Indigenous children from their families. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of the surviving children and their families. It is a time to reflect on how we, as non-Indigenous and multicultural Australians can be part of healing.

Did you know that as of today, Aboriginal children are 10.6 times more likely to be removed from their family? We can not begin to address this without acknowledging the past and working together to heal our communities.

Hear Jack Charles and many others share a piece of their story as stolen people

You can hear from Ngangkarri Women’s Group as they sing a song of strength, resilience, and healing for Indigenous people here.

In Western Sydney, four Aboriginal woman started Baabayn, an organisation seeking to heal and strengthen community.

What can you do?

Western Sydney Recovery College will shortly be releasing dates for the Working Together cultural competency training. This training is developed and run by Aboriginal people and focused on supporting our own and others’ emotional wellbeing. We are working with the Working Together team to deliver this content in a virtual world, so knowledge and understanding can continue to grow through these unprecedented times.

To help launch Reconciliation Week everybody is asked to take to social media and acknowledge Country using #InThisTogether2020 or #NRW2020

With knowledge comes power, the power to help and heal, the power to give and share.

Jayke Burgess
Recovery College Manager