Living our Best Lives

Self-advocacy skills are essential for everyone, to navigate life’s challenges, assert their needs, and make informed decisions. Whether it’s in personal relationships, education, healthcare, or the workplace, the ability to advocate for oneself is a crucial life skill. Self-advocacy begins with recognising and taking ownership of one’s own needs, desires, and goals. By becoming aware of our rights and preferences, we empower ourselves to actively communicate and assert these needs in various aspects of life. Self-advocacy fosters self-awareness and encourages individuals to advocate for what is in their best interest.

Attending our “Self-Advocacy Skills” workshop offers invaluable opportunities to develop and refine the skills we all need to live the lives we want. This workshop provides a structured learning environment where students can explore real-life scenarios, develop effective advocacy plans, learn how and where to seek appropriate support, and access valuable resources. Collaborative learning experiences in these workshops enhance confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary for effective self-advocacy.