Ask R U OK? on 14 September

Join the Conversation Convoy on 14 September for R U OK Day.

What is R U OK day about? It’s about starting meaningful conversations with our friends and family, making  sure people feel connected not disconnected from the world, and offering support to people who might be struggling with life.

Taking the time to ask “Are you OK?” and to listen can have an impact on someone’s sense of belonging, before they even think about suicide. It’s not the only thing that needs to be done to help people at risk, but researchers have found enough evidence to suggest the power held in this simple question.

It’s also not just about asking but listening too, encouraging action and checking in, but also remembering to take these steps any day of the year, whenever you are concerned about someone.

So don’t forget to connect with your friends, family and workmates, and join the conversation convoy on 14 September, asking someone “R U OK?”

For more information and handy resources, check out the RUOK website.