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Understanding Anxiety

What is anxiety? This program builds understanding of anxiety and how it impacts on individuals, their carers and families. The program also explores recovery, self-management strategies and other techniques that provide practical assistance to those living with anxiety.

By the end of this workshop, students will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the 6 main types of anxiety disorders and how common they are
  • Define and describe the signs and symptoms of anxiety
  • Explain the Biological, Social and Psychological causes of anxiety disorders
  • Describe the common treatments for anxiety and their effectiveness and problems.
  • Use the CHIME model to look at things they could do to help the recovery process
  • Identify some of the actions and language that are helpful to people with anxiety

Understanding Anxiety (Arabic) will be delivered in Auburn in Term 1 2020. This course will be conducted in Arabic by bilingual educators, and include translated workshop materials.

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