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Recovery depends on all the people involved – people living with mental health issues, workers, and carers, family and friends – being as strong and resilient as possible.  When there are lots of demands and stressors, it is very easy to neglect the things that can help us feel strong and resilient. Self-care is becoming one of the most important ways that people can manage their mental health.

This workshop will promote using self-care techniques as part of mental health recovery. Students will learn practical skills to engage in self-care activities, to develop a daily self-care routine, and to role model self-care to others.

By the end of this workshop, students will have learned the following:

  • Define what self-care means for you
  • Recognise and describe the stressors and the effects on you
  • Measure their current stress levels
  • Express your needs around self-care
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Use a variety of relaxation and stress management techniques
  • Develop a personal self-care plan

Self-Care (Arabic) will be delivered in Auburn in Term 1 2020. This course will be conducted in Arabic by bilingual educators, and include translated workshop materials.

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