Tuning in to Hope and Learning for Mental Health Month

This October is Mental Health Month and Wayahead have continued for the third and final year with the theme “Tune In”. This time, the extension of the theme is encouraging us to “Tune in to Hope and Learning”.

Hope is a word that comes up all the time when talking about mental health and recovery. It can come up in all kinds of difficult situations, in times of stress, grief and loss, and over the last few years navigating a pandemic. Sometimes it might be hard to connect with the idea of hope when things are feeling difficult.

On the MHM website, it’s acknowledged that sometimes hope may seem out of reach, but there are ways to help it “grow”. Like “tuning in to others’ experiences” and sharing our own experiences with others.

This is where “learning” comes in and fits with what the Recovery College does. Recovery College workshops are not just about teaching useful information, they are about people from all walks of life sharing their experiences, about listening to and connecting with others. They are a way of tuning in to your community!

So why not sign up for a WSRC workshop today and experience the collective hope and learning that can grow from “tuning in” in a safe space?

WSRC look forward to seeing you in Term 4!

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