Holiday tips – Staying well in the festive season

As we head toward Christmas, and become busy with all the end of year tasks and events, we may get swept up in all the doing, that we forget the importance of being…

So, we at the Western Sydney Recovery College would like to remind you of some Self Care tips that can help get you through to the next year, safely, and as serenely as possible.

  • Organise early the tasks that must be done, and take pride as you check them of your list! An organised mind is a calmer mind.
  • Do not undervalue the importance of a time-out! Take a nap, meditate for 5 mins, have a cup of tea! Do what you need to centre yourself, so that you do not stretch yourself out too thin!
  • If you find yourself becoming stressed out during the upcoming school holidays, take a day for yourself and/or your family, and go somewhere in nature. The scientific benefits of this have been long proven, as it helps us reconnect back within ourselves, and return home more peaceful and re-energised. If you have children, a day out bushwalking leads to a very good nights rest! (Don’t let them sleep too long in the car!)
  • Is there something you’ve had your eye on for a while, but always end up caring for everyone else’s needs? Treat yourself! You’ve earned it! (If it’s within your budget of course!)
  • Stay hydrated this summer! Enjoy lots of yummy chilled fruits, or smoothies to add to your day, there are lots of easy recipes online!
  • Regardless of your faith, try to remember what this upcoming season is all about. Spending time with those that you love, and cherishing these moments as we live them (mindful practice), either with family, friends, pets, neighbours, kind strangers in the shops, your local grocer… We are all unique and wonderful human beings, and when our hearts are open, the world becomes a much more beautiful place.