Understanding Bipolar

People who experience bipolar disorder may have extreme mood swings which can range from highly energised, impulsive euphoria (sometimes to the point of having delusions and hallucinations) to extreme depression and to remission in a mostly unpredictable pattern. This can be frightening and difficult to live with or deal with. The Understanding Bipolar workshop builds […]

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

This workshop is for people experiencing difficulty in reorganising and decluttering their home and to help family or friends support this process empathetically and respectfully. Students will be inspired by stories from a peer educator with lived experience of hoarding and their journey to recovery.  

Understanding Anxiety

What is anxiety? This program builds understanding of anxiety and how it impacts on individuals, their carers and families. The program also explores recovery, self-management strategies and other techniques that provide practical assistance to those living with anxiety. By the end of this workshop, students will have achieved the following learning objectives: Describe the 6 […]