Let’s Get Moving to improve our physical & mental health

In this strange time of physical distancing and self-isolation that we find ourselves in, most of us are probably spending much more time in our own homes and on our couches. We may not even be getting the same amount of incidental exercise that we usually would from our everyday routines before COVID-19 impacted our lives.

Our new upcoming workshop, Let’s Get Moving, touches on the connection between mental and physical health and encourages you to get up and move in the comfort of your own home. No equipment is needed for these exercises, just some comfortable clothes and a bit of space around you.

In support of this workshop, Paul, our educator with exercise physiology expertise has put together 12 Tai Chi exercises that anyone can do to get up and get moving!

You can also check out all the videos on the One Door Mental Health YouTube Channel now or you can see them as we share them gradually on the Western Sydney Recovery College Facebook page.

Like these videos? Want to learn more about physical and mental health and get some support to do these exercises in your own home? You might like to enrol in the workshop, Let’s Get Moving.

Exercise 1 – Regulating the Breath

Exercise 2 – Expanding the Chest

Exercise 3 – Swaying a Rainbow

Exercise 4 – Dividing the Clouds

Exercise 5 – Rotating the Arm

Exercise 6 – Rowing the Boat

Exercise 7 – Holding Up a Ball

Exercise 8 – Looking at the Moon

Exercise 9 – Pushing up the Palm

Exercise 10 – Waving the Clouds

Exercise 11 – Scooping up the Sea

Exercise 12 – Pushing the Waves


Image at top: Paul, WSRC Educator and exercise physiologist, stars in the Let’s Get Moving videos.