ماهو التعافي؟ (What is Recovery?, Arabic)

This workshop will explore the concept and context of recovery with a particular focus on the personal process and what this means for people with lived experience, families, services and communities. The workshop will cover lived experience and recovery relating to mental health conditions, the evidence of recovery, and the characteristics of services and approaches […]

فهم القلق (Understanding Anxiety, Arabic)

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a common mental health condition characterised by excessive worry, fear, and nervousness about future events or situations. It often includes physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, and muscle tension. While some level of anxiety is normal, anxiety disorders involve persistent and overwhelming feelings of apprehension that interfere with daily life. […]

معرفة كيفية عمل نظام الصحة النفسية (Navigating the Mental Health System, Arabic)

It can often be a difficult process to start a recovery journey when there are so many services out there to choose from. This program has been designed to assist people in navigating the mental health system in Western Sydney and to unpack what sorts of support different services can offer and when, how, and […]